The following well-known South Africans support the "7 Days on the WALL" initiative.

Hettie Brittz

"South-Africa has such a rich potential harvest of souls - hungry souls, corrupt souls, poor, seeking souls who need Christ. We have Christ!Let us pray that our passion for Jesus and our desire to share Him with every soul in our country will be ignited again from heaven. Let's pray as though our very lives depend on it!"


Hettie Brittz is the founder of Evergreen Parenting, a nationwide and international team of facilitators who are passionate to see families restored. Her books, DVDs, courses and talks bring understanding between people, the restoration of healthy authority and workable discipline tools into homes and schools.



Louis Brittz

"There is only one way and that's God's way. He TOLD us to humble ourselves before him and seek his face if we want to see his mighty hand moving over our nation. So let's do it...pray, pray, pray for revival! We have never needed a new, deep touch of God in our nation as we need it now. As Christians we know that, in this war, we fight on our knees if we want to win. And we do!!"


Louis Brittz is a worshipleader, musicminister and 'Lable Guy'. He works at Merchant Music as director and they feed the nation with heavenly Bread and Music.



Bobby van Jaarsveld

"Ek wil elkeen aanmoedig om deel te wees en 'n absolute staan vir God te maak. Dis tyd dat die bruid moet opstaan en wakker word en besef die bruidegom klop aan die deur.... en ons wil almal deel maak van hierdie besonderse intieme liefdesverhouding met Die Vader. Die tyd is NOU, staan saam, bid saam, beweeg saam tot daar herlewing is...."


Bobby van Jaarsveld is 'n Sanger, skrywer, akteur, Pa, man vir sy vrou en 'n seun van die enigste lewende God, Jesus Christus, Yeshua die Messias!


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