Watchman's School of Prayer 2012 - Feedback

About 150 souls from various nations across Africa and Middle- East gathered for 5 days to seek God for revival among the nations. We knew this year's Watchman's School would be different, with the youngest group in 12 years, and 30% of delegates from other nations!

On the Wednesday night we had an amazing time of worship. Simply pouring out our hearts before God. There was a real deepening in the spiritual atmosphere, tangible to everyone.

One delegate's comments -
"This is in a nutshell what we felt that night. Although we were together, everything just melted away and it was to me as if it was just 'God and me'. And He was looking right through me, right through all of us. And gently He let us all know that He is doing exactly that and that He knows everything about all of us anyway! He is calling us to set ourselves apart, to purify our hearts, and secure ourselves in Him alone."

Healing from bitterness and anger!
My personal highlight was the Thursday night in the prayer room when I saw a woman completely healed of bitterness and anger in literally less than 10 minutes. She carried this burden for four years and knew she had to get over it. When she uttered words of forgiveness, it was as if something just broke inside. After a few minutes she proclaimed; "it is done, my heart is healed completely. Thank you so much, I am going to sleep now!"

Healed of deafness during worship session
During the worship, on the Wednesday night, a lady decided to trust God for healing after wearing a hearing aid for 20 years. At some point she took it off and went to the bathroom where it accidentally "dropped it". Her hearing improved throughout the week as we continued to pray for her. Even on the last evening the sound was a bit loud and she realised God has done a complete miracle for her!

Commitment to "7Days on the Wall"
On the last morning more than 20 churches/communities committed themselves to take at least one week in 2013 to pray night and day for revival among the nations! Some shared about the growth in 24/7 prayer in existing prayer watches as more than 50 others committed to starting an on-going prayer watch in their communities. This is all part of an increasing 24/7 prayer movement around the world. [See for more info & connect on Facebook @7daysonthewall.]

William Wilberforce said: "I must secure more time for private devotions. I have been living far too public for me. The shortening of devotions starves the soul. It grows lean and faint. I have been keeping too late hours."

Next Watchman's School of Prayer: 23-29 September, 2013

We thank God for His faithfulness and His great work among the nations.

Daniel Brink.

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